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Teacher Retention: Value



Today, I decided to pick up this status of Francis Kong via fb because his phrase is somewhat related to what I read from Bo Sanchez (which hopefully I can insert here….am quute new with Samsung yet…hmmm)


(…got it! Success!!!)…  From these two, I seemed to find help in developing my reqired Business plan paper for my Masteral.  Among private schools, low retention rate of teachers is a well known phenomenon due to greener pastures in public schools.  Yet, we cannot neglect a fact that strong faculty retention gives positive impact on stability of school and continuity to child learning.  Knowing what money represent could be a good starting point in finding solutions.  I believe many teachers uphold certain value more than money.  If they see that there is more to gain in value than what they receive monetarily they will find reason to stay.  I remember back in 90’s there is this auditing firm who pays very low on entry level persinnel yet accounting graduates seek to work and stay for a considerable years because they have good training exposure with them.   This is something that perhaps school administrators could look into… to seek to make their teacher more valuable each year so that they may have reasons to stay.