Human Resources the Most Important

Human Resources the Most Important


One of the questions I need to answer in my Comprehensive Exam for Masters in Management is something like this: ” How can you explain to the business leaders that the most important resource are human resources.” Among all the questions asked this is the one that gave me so much delight. &sp; I answered with great pleasure not in technical ways but through two stories:

I have a friend working for a semiconductor factory who said: “Had I known in 1990’s that platinum is worth more than gold, I would have been rich by now. Back then, platinum scraps simply fell on floor, swept and thrown to the garbage. It was only when the company started collecting platinum scraps that we learned it is worth more than gold. ”

On the otherhand I have another friend who told me: “Back when I was 21 years old, the National Irrigation Administration dug to build a canal waterways nearby. I saw an enormous amount of clay piled up to the sides. My eyes popped in great awe seeing a great amount of free raw materials for my bricks. I felt I saw a gold mine only my eyes can see. So I immediately hired a truck and get all those mud. Had I have enough money for the crude, I would have gotten it all.” This brick maker’s work is now sought after by tourist and locals alike. His name is Augusto “Ugu” Bigyan, now a successful potter artist recognized here and abroad. A pride of Tiaong Quezon


Ugu Bigyan, his work and the writer

These two stories nail down the supremacy of human resources above all other resources. All theories in Major Functions of Human Resource Management are encapsulated in these two stories: to find and hire (recruitment) people who will not see resources as waste rather see waste as gold; to train and develop people to have the Midas touch so every resources they touch become golden award winning products and services; to maintain or control human resource working environment, benefits and compensation so the ducks that lay golden eggs (employee) will continue perform well.

Leaders therefore must take human resource management a priority because either you have staff who are throwing away golden resources or
have personel who can turn dirt to gold.”

Thanks to this question in the comprehensive exam for Master in Management major in Hotel and Restaurant Service of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation. It provoked my mind to see the connection of these two separate experiences to drive home the point of the importance of human resources. And by writing it here, three human resources (semiconductor staff, potter and writer) had turned these two experiences into a golden lesson.

With the right human resouces everything can turn into gold.

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