Dead Bury the Dead


“Lord let me first go and bury my father. But Jesus said to him, let the dead Bury their dead, but do thou go and proclaim the kingdom of God. ” (Lk9:59-60)

This passage took on a new meaning to me when someone close to me who is on a path to change got into trouble. His was already a path toward a financially responsible and respectable lifestyle… but, due to some sort of pride went to see his old friends who remains to be an irresponsible drunkards to boast about his success. After few repeated meetings, he once again fell into drunkenness, lost his mind one night and verbally harassed a lady via private mail. Now, he cannot go back to the town of his birth for fear of being in prison.

Change or conversion if sincerely sought must “let the dead bury the dead. ” Now to me that means, do not go back to your friends who were a living dead. Who are living dead? Those who are alive but are actually wasting their time here on earth in drugs/alcohol/gambling and other form of vices. They are those who are slowly killing themselves and those around them. When we leave them to change our life for the better the old self is dead and left in the memory of those friends who are living dead. To say “Let me go back to bury my father” could be taken figuratively as let me go back to the old environment, the ones I call my home, the one that taught me all these vices. There is no need to go back to them, because if you want remove something in your life (bad habits) you have to do it cold turkey (Bo Sanchez). So, when it comes to bad company that made you who you are, let go. To do otherwise is to put oneself in the danger of losing ones life again. Why? The power of the subconscious that has been deeply rooted in the past. It is too difficult to resist. St. Josemaria once said when it comes to temptation “be brave as to flee.” Bad company is a strong temptation, hence is apt to say let go and let those living dead bury the dead.

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